InfloView is another futuristic product from Influere. It expands the functions of our self-learning AI platform the InfluSense. This is a visual recognition engine that helps in quick and accurate classification, processing, tagging and searching of visual content based on deep machine learning algorithm.

Application of InfloView

The property changes of both natural and artificial objects; street-signs and signals; still pictures and objects are easily recognized and processed by InfluView. The operations are successfully completed with the help of deep self-learning algorithm.

  • Meaningful inferences are converted into digital commands.
  • IoT devices are controlled with the help of such digital commands.
  • Quick translation of text or languages understood by human beings to spread awareness information and help in decision making.
  • Many next-generation automobile and IoT device manufacturers have embedded InfloView with their products.
  • InfluView complements the functions of InfluSense.