Influere’s journey has been exceptional not by the number of years but by the milestones achieved in a short span. Established in the year 2010, our objective is to contribute to the world of next-generation Information Technology that is known by the name of Industry 4.0 to the experts. Influere is the conceptualization of the veterans of Information and Telecommunication Industry and is steered by the vision of able business leaders and marketing professionals. Our achievements could be summed up in terms of the recognition of our solutions and products by some of the most recognized Business Process Outsourcing service providers, automotive companies and IoT device manufacturers. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA with a development center in Pune, India, Influere is aiming to make the world of AI limited only by imagination.


Mission: Internet of Things are realizing science fiction and breaking the barrier between an animate and inanimate object. Two of the Influere products- InfluSense and InfluView are contributing to our mission of annihilating the communication barrier between man and machine. Our mission is to enable people to interact with the surroundings as much naturally as is possible.

Vision: Connected people with associated experience is what we wish the world to turn into in the near future thereby exploring the finest possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Our Dynamic Team

Meet the business leaders of Influere

Samuel Arts (CEO)

Samuel, a veteran of Information and Telecommunication industry, has played influential roles in the success of multiple startups in the Silicon Valley. He has been a board member of Infoflex, Saicom, Beanish Software and Veritel System, Australia and Symtel Corporation. The Stanford Business School graduate has built billion dollar ventures from a scratch.

Mark Arrey (SVP & CMO)

The Chief Marketing Officer Mark Arrey steers the global promotional objectives of Influere. Given the tough competition in the world of IT, Mark knows exactly where to implement the innovative strategies of enterprise marketing and spread the brand awareness of Influere. He had played leadership roles in the world of technology and added value to the companies like Rocket Fuel, Symantec, Porter Novelli (Mark was also a partner in the company) and Hewlett Packard.

Bill Chan (SVP & CIPO)

Being the Senior Vice President of Products and Chief Innovation & Product Officer, Bill Chan handles the responsibilities of the product strategist, management and marketing with equal elan. Bill holds an honors degree in Computer Science from the Aston University in England. Bill has a vast experience in the domains of software security, product introduction, business acquisitions and spearheading the funding drives. He held executive positions at Novell, Volera, Juston and WorldTalk and senior software security executive at HP.

Gary Simons (SVP Worldwide Sales)

The nitty-gritty of sales and field services of Influere is under the expert hands of Gary Simons who is leading the sectors including the niche domains of channel sales, enterprise sales, inside sales, systems engineering and consulting. He had led the sales department at GuardianEdge (now Symantec), CyberGuard, Reconnex Corp. (McAfee) and Secure Computing (McAfee).

Rashmi Virdi (General Counsel)

Influere’s worldwide legal matters are in the able hands of Rashmi Virdi, the General Counsel who is applying the knowledge gathered at the University of California, Berkeley and experience gained at different enterprises to face the present challenges and safeguard the priorities of our company and our clients.