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Name of the post

AI/ML Engineering Specialist (various levels)


Masters/Phd in Computer Science or Computer Engineering or Artificial Intelligence


San Francisco, USA Pune, India

Brief Description of the job

AI (our general term for data science, machine learning, and deep learning) is one of the most exciting technologies of the decade. This role is your opportunity to build and deploy AI products from the ground up and support it. You will be part of a team helping chart our AI strategy and define the problems we are solving with AI. You will help build our AI development and production infrastructure and set our technical standards. To succeed you must become an expert in building AI models and putting them into production.


  • Set up and manage our AI development and production infrastructure on-prem and in cloud.
  • Engage in product design discussions & help AI product managers and business stakeholders understand the potential and limitations and alternative approaches when planning new products or enhancing existing product features.
  • Build and maintain large data ingesting and real time data transformation infrastructure.
  • Build AI models from scratch with team and perform POCs (proof of concepts) and help product managers and stakeholders understand results.
  • Deploy AI models into production and keep it running 24x7 at pre-determined performance level.
  • Create APIs and help business customers put results of your AI models into operations
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  • Keep yourself current with latest private, public cloud services, infrastructure performance optimization and AI research relevant to our business domain.

Skills & experience

  • At least 10+ years hands-on programming experience working on enterprise products. 10+ years of experience in devops, infrastructure technologies.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in multiple programming languages with a strong foundation in a statistical platform such as Python, R, SAS, or MatLab.
  • Experience building AI models in platforms such as Keras, TensorFlow, or Theano
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  • Demonstrated commitment to learning about AI through your own initiatives through courses, books, or side projects.

Is this job for you? Are you already becoming technically skilled in AI?

You must demonstrate strong initiative for building up your own AI skills. Do not apply for the job if you are not prepared to describe what you are already learning and models you have created. We don’t expect you to be an expert or an AI researcher, but you must be able take existing models and best practices and adapt them to our environment Be ready to show us models you have created and discuss them in great detail.

Have you built enterprise software?

This is not a research role. If your only software experience is quickly hacking Python models using libraries like Numpy and Pandas this job isn’t for you. You will be required to deploy software into production by building maintainable, readable, modular solutions using modern software engineering best practices. Be ready to talk about your experiences doing code reviews, building interfaces, and deployment systems. You should have strong opinions about best software engineering practices.

Are you ok with ambiguous goals and uncertainty?

We have a number of prospective AI projects. A major responsibility of this job is helping our leadership evaluate them and identifying the top candidates. You should expect prioritizes and direction to change as we begin adopting AI. Do you have experience working in dynamic environments (such as a startup)? Are you excited by ambiguous goals and changing requirements? If you value predictability and stability this is the wrong job for you.

Name of the post

DevOps Engineer/Cloud Architect

Brief Description of the job is developing ground breaking technologies that is being used and piloted by major automobile manufacturers in their new generation autonomous driver technologies, industrial and utility IoT device manufacturers. is a Original Solution Provider (OSP) for many larger established automobile and IoT device manufactures. The market where is playing has no boundaries and products have universal applications in various areas and have potential to make huge impact in Industry 4.0 revlution. is looking for a DevOps Engineer/Cloud Architect. The candidate will be positioned within the rapidly growing systems engineering and operations team to work on containerizing, automating and scaling our web applications and services. The role involves managing various types of containers, virtual machines and bare metal servers predominantly housing LAMP/LEMP stack setups that host a wide range of technologies across various cloud platforms.  Like the sound of us? And are you someone who can bring fresh ideas, fizzing energy and a hands-on can-do attitude to where we work (and how we work?) 


  • Architect and implement challenging web based production ready solutions for our clients
  • Working in a DevOps capacity with a desire to automate everything
  • Constructing/Managing Docker ecosystems
  • Maintain end-to-end security ensuring best practices are always implemented
  • Provision and maintain all servers using configuration management tools
  • Monitor all aspects of’s infrastructure to stay one step ahead
  • Work closely with the in-house developers/AI engineers to help share knowledge and improve SaaS base AI and analytics delivering critical real-time decision making capabilities.
  • Taking ownerships of projects gaining a personal satisfaction in achieving high uptime environments
  • Perform effectively to tight deadlines, work well both independently and as part of a team
  • Thrive in a fast-paced environment trying to always achieve new goals
  • Communicate technical concepts to non-technical staff and the business
  • Implement new technologies to make sure environments are always evolving to reach new highs


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Excellent knowledge of LAMP and LEMP technologies
  • Knowledge of Docker and Docker orchestration tools (Swarm. Kubernetes )
  • Experience with cloud technologies (AWS/ GCP/Azure)
  • Exposure to Continuous Development Tools such as Jenkins or Spinnaker
  • Exposure to configuration management systems such as Puppet/Chef/Ansible
  • Robust knowledge and understanding of databases (MySql/ MariaDB)
  • Knowledge of resource monitoring systems
  • Ability to scope and estimate technical builds
  • Effectively conduct architectural reviews
  • Strong verbal and communication skills
  • Good time management skill
  • Self-motivated with a sense of ownership
  • Flexible, versatile and copes well under pressure
  • A team player with high energy