Influere had successfully completed the first 4 years by adding value to the world of Industry 4.0 that is dedicatedly working towards the advancement of technology in Artificial Intelligence, IoT devices, industrial machines, home equipment, automobiles and the interconnected human interactions. In our mission to reduce the telecommunication barrier between man and machine, InfluSense will contribute significantly.

Application of InfluSense

InfluSense is a self-learning AI platform. With the aid of Natural Language Classification (NLC), Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), InfluSense would promote efficient and effective interaction between man and machine. In the most simple words, InfluSense would allow the interpretation of voice, audio and texts to machine understandable commands or digital signals and vice versa.

One can apply this technology in multiple fields. The central priority is to automate processes on the basis of context-oriented deep learning and digital inference extracted from naturally evolving interactions and conversations between man-and-machine and vice versa.

With the help of InfluSense, a voice-enabled AI could be embedded to probably anything. The main aim is to integrate voice as well as conversational intelligence to facilitate man-to-man, man-to-machine and machine-to-machine interactions. InfluSense would act as an independent self-learning platform that you could embed in your product and borrow the benefits.

Application of InfluSense

  • InfluSense can help convert customer calls (audio/voice) into machine-understandable text. A natural voice-based response could be then transmitted to the customer in his/her language based on advanced search, analysis or even data mining.
  • InfluSense is fast enough to respond in real-time where the action of language interpretation is swiftly done and the customer would get a reply in his/her language immediately.
  • InfluSense could be used in the analysis of human emotions, customer habits, traits and personality to fix preferences on an individual level. For a deeper behavioral analysis, InfluSense could be used to understand the communication styles of individuals.
  • InfluSense could be embedded into driver-less vehicles, IoT devices and unassisted customer support.

InfluSense will unleash the potential of new wave of technology where imagination will become the reality.